Blogging my own “The Know-It-All” attempt

by Joe Archive on January 16, 2008

In “a href=”;field-keywords=the+know+it+allamp;x=0amp;y=0″The Know-It-All/a”, a href=””AJ Jacobs/a attempts to become the world’s smartest person by readingbr /the entirety of the Britannica from A-Z. I am only up to the bit where he’s reading bobsledding – so I don’t know if he gets there, or if he regrets the /br /But, I am inspired to start my own know-it-all attempt. I am going to read all my text books, from a href=”;s=booksamp;qid=1200458641amp;sr=8-1″Wallace and Hobbs/a {link to 2nd Ed, I have 1st Ed} (because that’s what I had with me tonight) to, well, what ever is at the other end of my bookcase at work. a href=”;s=booksamp;qid=1200458717amp;sr=1-1″Zee’s book on QFT/a maybe?br /br /Far from expecting to become “the smartest physicist in the world”, I’m aiming my sights a little lower – I’m going for “the not-least-adequate-physicist-in-the-world”, and i think I’ve got a shot!br /br /And, in order to keep myself going I’m planning on blogging about my attempt – probably just summaries of my reading every (few) day(s). So, dear reader, you get to police my efforts and probably get to know everything I know, without the effort of being me /br /As I stated above, my first book will be Wallace and Hobbs – Atmospheric Science, an introductory survey, which I’ve actually already read a lot of (but a while ago), so I can probably move through it reasonably fast…br /br /Details to follow, tonight if I get anywhere before falling /br /Joebr /br /br /ithanks to a href=””Peta/a for pointing out a spelling error/i

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