my iPod touch mobile blogging, 1.13, iTunes 7.6 experience

by Joe Archive on January 17, 2008

Several things:

1) I installed the itunes update the other evening. It deleted my library info (not my library itself, luckily, but I lost all my fancy playlist setups

2) Simultaneously it decided that my iPod was no longer linked to my library so I had to do a delete and recopy

3) Which would have been fine if itunes would run! Admittedly my library is stores on a different computer and both systems are getting a long way past their sell by dates. But still, it ran fine with 7.5.

4) But I’ve got awork around going – I just sync locally on my media box. And I’m enjoying having bookmarks etc.

5) I haven’t looked too closely into it, but it looks like I’m not able to type into the regular field in blogger, so I’m using the HTML edit field.

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