Arthur C Clarke is Dead

by Joe Archive on March 19, 2008

I’m roughly the millionth person in the Blah-gosphere to write about this today. What details there are, are everywhere, and I haven’t read them beyond the abstracts /br /There’s a generation of guys older than me who love sci-fi who are really upset (and many other people too). Much like when Gygax died last week. I’m too young to have been directly influenced by these guys – the science fiction writers I read when I was younger (and still read mostly) are the ones who were directly influenced by Clarke. He was more of a “grand-influence” in my life – like Asimov – I read stuff that was influenced by and referred back to his stuff. Eventually (and quite lately) I went back and read some of his stuff – just the obvious stuff like 2000+n (where n=1,10,61(?),1001) and I read at least one of his new collaborations with Baxter (The first Time Odyssey book).br /br /There is nothing wrong with his stuff, but it is of its era – influenced by the early cold war fear and the Apollo exuberance that predicted Pan-Am Moon flights that are now almost a decade /br /What Clarke was was “first” – Not literally, there were a lot of people writing science fiction – but Clarke wrote good stories that paved the way for the writers that I /br /He’s like a Newton (Isaac, not Apple) – in modern light, almost everything Newton said is wrong – modern theory has updated it to a form that he wouldn’t have recognize. But where would the modern theory be without the building blocks.

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