Open Letter: Panera limiting my WiFi time?

by Joe Archive on March 23, 2008

To – the Managers, Directors, Board, Executives of Panera Bread:br /br /The Brookline Panera Bread has instituted a policy of only allowing 30mins of WiFi time in “Peak Hours.” Peak hours apparently include 6-7pm on a Sunday. 6-7 pm Easter Sunday, when 1/3 of all seating is occupied in the /br /I have spent many pleasant days in Panera restaurants, working and purchasing baked products. However, if my internet connection is going to cut out after half an hour, I will be unable to work for longer than this, as the internet is needed for most things I /br /This will lead to not only a reduction in my spending in your establishment, but a total termination of our relationship – I am not about to spend any time and money in a business that limits my ability to /br /Furthermore, based upon my casual observations of the people around me, a large number of your patrons are in the same position as /br /I understand that you feel it is necessary to keep people coming in, to keep turning over the seats and getting more food sold. I think, however, you will find that there is significantly more value for you in retaining the good will of the “laptop crowd” – people who will come to your establishment several times a week and possibly consume two or more meals in a day, along with coffee and /br /If you lose us, you run the risk of losing more customers and more business than you think. I ask you to reconsider your policy on internet access and to consider who your core customers really /br /Thanks,br /br /Joe Andersen (and everyone with a laptop in a Panera – or other coffee shop – everywhere)

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