KnowitAll Project- Wallace and Hobbs #6 – Precipitation

by Joe Archive on March 24, 2008

1.7 – Geographical Distribution of Precipitationbr /br /Heavy precipitation is observed over large areas of the tropical continents and along the windward side of higher latitude mountain ranges. There are major desert regions in the subtropics and along the western /br /Since this text was written, a number of satellite instruments have improved the observations of precipitation over the oceans (like a href=””TRMM/a)br /br /Over the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific, there is a prominent band of precipitation located at around 7^oN associated with the ITCZ. There are sharp precip gradients in this region, with lush tropical vegetation and deserts on islands only a few hundred km north or south of each /br /Precip in the ITCZ region shows distinct signals of propagating /br /edited for testing purposes only, no content changes

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