Laser triggers electrical activity in thunderstorm for the first time

by Joe Archive on April 16, 2008

pThis is rather interesting – Lightning on command might be a useful tool to improve the representation of lightning in our //ppbr //pp/pblockquotepA team of European scientists has deliberately triggered electrical activity in thunderclouds for the first time, according to a new paper in the latest issue of Optics Express, the Optical Society’s (OSA) open-access journal. They did this by aiming high-power pulses of laser light into a thunderstorm./p pAt the top of South Baldy Peak in New Mexico during two passing thunderstorms, the researchers used laser pulses to create plasma filaments that could conduct electricity akin to Benjamin Franklin’s silk kite string. No air-to-ground lightning was triggered because the filaments were too short-lived, but the laser pulses generated discharges in the thunderclouds themselves./p/blockquotep/ppa href=””Read More/abr //p

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