Best. “X”. Prize. Ever!

by Joe Archive on April 22, 2008

PETA (the org, not my wife) is offerring a one million dollar prize for vat grown meat – all the carnivorous goodness I crave, with none of the ethical problems that lead me to my current /br /p/pblockquotep In a measure to protect animals by any means necessary, a href=”″PETA is offering a $1 million prize/a to the first scientist who can produce a href=””lab-grown meat/a in bulk. /p pFor me, this is way better than the Ansari X Prize: Why visit space when you can just as easily take a trip to heaven with some cantaloupe wrapped in high-tech prosciutto? As a vegetarian and a biological scientist, I’m thrilled by yesterday’s announcement and eager to start loading my plate with tissue-engineered bacon./p/blockquotep/pOne question I don’t know if anyone has asked: How do you make vacon (vat+bacon) Kosher and Halal so we can share the goodness of a href=””the king of meats /awith the world?

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