Climate makes profound mark on ecosystems

by Joe Archive on May 15, 2008

blockquoteSYDNEY: The largest study of its kind reveals that global warming is already having a massive effect on life across the planet – greater even than habitat loss and /br /The study, which analysed nearly 30,000 data sets stretching back to 1970, suggests that warnings spelt out last year by the U.N. underestimated the impact of the /br /Significant changesbr /br /The data set covered phenomena as varied as the earlier leafing of trees and plants; the movement of species to higher latitudes and altitudes in the northern hemisphere in response to warmer weather; the shrinkage of glaciers and melting of permafrost; and changes of bird migrations in Europe, North America and /br /The study concludes that “significant changes” are already occurring among natural systems on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica, and in most /br /Published today in the U.K. journal Nature, it goes beyond the scope of the landmark report issued by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in February //blockquotebr /br /br /a href=”″From Cosmos/a

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