Instability mechanisms in the convectively coupled waves in the tropical atmosphere.

by Joe Archive on May 19, 2010

In 2008, Zhiming and I published a paper where we showed some calculations of the spectrum of unstable waves in a simple model of  tropical convection. Last year, I took Sarah Stewart’s science communication course, where we were taped giving talks. I chose to give a version of my convectively coupled waves talk. The first time around (before we taped), I was told I was “too technical” – several of the geologists in the class had never heard of a Fourier transform (or a “Foo-ree-yay transform” either, so it wasn’t just the fact I butchered the Frenchman’s name).

After being greatly shocked, astounded and appalled, I went back and cut what I feel was “all of the science” in the talk. There was certainly no way I was going to get to my real result – the energy-flow ideas that shape the spectrum – in this class 😉

Due to youtube restrictions, here is the talk in two parts, with some minimal editing (I removed a technical delay associated with getting videos started) and the slides shown more clearly than the camera picked them up.

A much more technical version of this talk was presented at Hurricanes28 in Orlando 2008 and is available online from the AMS

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