– Plant – A new modelling framework for statistical cumulus dynamics

by Joe Archive on February 28, 2011

Robert Plant (not that Robert Plant) of Reading has a new paper on the ArXiv: A new modelling framework for statistical cumulus dynamics

We propose a new modelling framework suitable for the description of atmospheric convective systems as a collection of distinct plumes. The literature contains many examples of models for collections of plumes in which strong simplifying assumptions are made, convective quasi-equilibrium and the macroscopic limit often being imposed from the outset. Some recent studies have sought to remove one or the other of those assumptions. The proposed framework removes both, and is explicitly time-dependent and stochastic in its basic character. The statistical dynamics of the plume collection are defined through simple probabilistic rules applied at the level of individual plumes, and van Kampen’s system size expansion is then used to construct the macroscopic limit of the microscopic model. Through suitable choices of the microscopic rules, the model is shown to encompass previous studies in the appropriate limits, and to allow their natural extensions beyond those limits. Since the basic picture underlies most current convective parameterizations in general circulation and numerical weather prediction models, the framework provides a firm theoretical basis for investigations into improved parameterization approaches, and indeed for investigations of convective systems more generally.

This is a detailed exploration of a convective scheme that uses the techniques of statistical physics to relax some of the approximations usually resorted to by atmospheric modellers – specifically Quasi-Equilibrium (QE) and the assumption of very large plume number. I think the most interesting part of this is pointing out that there is typically only a small number of convective plumes – in a typical grid box at any moment, so the values obtained by averaging over “the ensemble” of plumes in a box ought to be subject to a substantial stochastic noise term. Plant goes on to develop a prototype convective model based on the statistics of plumes in a box, with terms describing plume birth, plume-plume interaction etc.

This seems like a promising avenue of research for the development of convective parameterizations – applying the tools of statistical physics to convection is something that I’ve toyed with, but I never made this much progress.

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