52 New Things. Week 1: The Slow Carb diet

by Joe Archive on March 18, 2011

Here’s the thing: I want to do lots of different things. Too many things, in fact – I think I’ve been suffering from a kind of good idea overload, combined with a self-discipline underload that has lead to me starting many habits that seem like good ideas, only to give them up in a day or so, or just never starting them in the first place.

These posts are designed to fix this. My plan is to pick a new* thing or habit that I want to try out each week and commit to following that habit for the week. This has the sneaky knock on effect of giving me something to blog about besides work (because I don’t seem to be able to do that consistently) and giving me a reason to blog regularly – ideally I want to blog about my plans for making the habit go each morning and about how I went each day in the evening. Then I can post a summary of how it went at the end of the week and decide if I want to keep the new thing up.

Regarding the new things, I’m not sure what the next thing will be – I’ll have to flick through my various books to see what grabs me, but I’m planning on sort of alternating between health, career and family – the three things I have going on in my life at the moment, but I might pick things that fit in two categories, or none. And I reserve the right to discover new categories at will.

The plan this week is to try a new diet – the “Slow Carb” diet, which I’m taking from Tim Ferris‘ book Four Hour Body. I need to reread that chapter as I go this week, but the crux of things seems to be to avoid everything that turns into blood sugar quickly (for 6 out 7 days) – so no bread, pasta, potatoes, rice – basically no starch, or sweet fruits. Instead, lots of vegetables and protein.

Keeping away from starches seems like it will be a challenge (I’ve been kinda-sorta doing this this week too, and it’s been difficult – I usually eat lots of pasta and sandwiches), but I think I can handle it, for a week at least. I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning and we’ll see how I progress.

*For various definitions of new, including but not limited to: Actually new to me; Things I used to do but stopped a long time ago; Things I’ve tried in the past but never managed to make stick; Things I sort fo do already but don’t do consistently or properly.

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