Slow Carb Diet – End of Day 2

by Joe Archive on March 21, 2011

I missed writing up my weigh in this morning (and the two posts a day rule goes flying out the window within 48 hours!), but I did get my weight.

3/20/2011: 110.1kg, 242.5 lbs, 34.9% body fat.

My weight is still falling – at a guess I’m shedding water and general bloat rather than a whole lot of fat (actually my body fat weight went up, but I’d imagine that its within the margin of error for the scales…)

Today was easier, partly because we had more, better food in the house (because Mir and I did some grocery shopping yesterday evening). I’ve eaten a lot of eggs, some tofu and chicken soup (made from Quorn fake chicken). I think the addition of some beans (refried, low salt, black beans) to dinner made it much more satisfying, than last night (and I was better with the salad dressing – so there was less oiliness) so I feel better than I did, and I feel much less like scrounging up some dessert.


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