52NewThings – rebooting already!

by Joe Archive on April 11, 2011

So, it turned out that getting up early is super hard – I epically failed it all week. And then I was so discouraged that I didn’t blog that week. And then I got busy, so the last week or so has been a write off. So I’m going to start again (well, actually I’m going to restart week 2), as of this morning, with the getting up early thing again. I got up a bit before 7 am this morning (and have been getting up early most days for the last week) so I think I’m in a place where I can both keep up the early starts and push them a little earlier, more towards 6ish.

On the diet front, I kind of had to stop the slow-carb diet in the second week, because my eyes went yellow – apparently I was giving myself jaundice. I’m trying to get back on some sort of diet/exercise program this week too, but it’s not going to be my focus.

Anyway, that’s where the project is, and with luck I’ll be posting early tomorrow morning announcing my success at getting up – also I’ll try to do a little research on the various lifehacker type sites to see what has worked for other people.

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