52newthings – Another week

by Joe Archive on April 25, 2011

Happily I get to report on another week of “new” things with some success – Peta and I kept to the early morning sun salutations all last week (except Sunday, when we skipped it to enjoy Mir’s Chocolate-Bunny-Day fun). We’re planning on keeping it going this week to, although we didn’t get a chance today – we were all over tired from the weekend and slept in a bit too much…

This week, I’m going to stop the fitness things and try something new that might help me work-wise: I’m going to write (at least) a paragraph on the thesis each day. I have a word document (and as a practicing physicist, I feel bad not using latex, but my draft needs to be easily read by others) and something of an outline. So, tonight (or sometime before the end of the day) I’m going to put a paragraph into the document. (I’ve actually got about 2/3 of the “content” mostly written, in the form of my two papers, but this is meant to be new writing…) – I think today’s content might be about the modal system we use to integrate the equations of the simple model forward in time.




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