52newthings – Last week (and this one)

by Joe Archive on May 9, 2011

I never got around to posting anything last week, as we took the kidlet away for a week in the White Mountains. But, I still had a couple of super-lazy new things I tried on my week away:


1) Reading an hour a day. While I was away it was mostly comics, because I brought a bunch of digital copies of things on my phone rather than lugging books up and down the mountain. It was good – I caught up to 2011 on the various Bat-titles and some of the other books I like.

2) Shaving everyday. Until last week, I typically only shaved every three or four days – my whiskers grow in so slowly that I was getting away with that. But I do tend to start looking very scruffy, very quickly – so in an effort to look like a successful person, I’ve been cleaning them up every day.

These two experiments were successes, and I think I’ll try to keep them up (I’ll move to reading more “work” stuff in my hour a day now that I’m back in Cambridge).


This week’s thing is something that I’ve done a bunch of times, but it never sticks more than a day or two running so far – to do lists. I’ve made one for today, except that I made it much, much, too long it’s helped me focus a bit and I’ve managed to avoid getting caught doing nothing because I hadn’t thought of what I was going to do.

I know that many time-management gurus (gurii?) scorn the plain old to do list, and they’re probably right, but I need to start somewhere before I try working a system with lots of lists and contexts and bells and whistles.



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