#52newthings – 1.1: Keep a food diary

by Joe Archive on January 2, 2012

In an effort to get back into blogging (at least semi-regularly) I am re-rebooting 52 new things – its a new year (at least from a geo- and euro-centric perspective, so I’m going to try the whole new habit each week experiment one more time. The last few times I’ve started off with overly complicated diets – and failed miserably… this time around I’m going for a simpler first target with the intention of building up momentum as I go – this week, I’ll be keeping a food diary to try to watch what I eat and to keep my caloric intake at reasonable levels (it was staying low for the last few months then unaccountably 😉 spiked in the last few weeks – based upon my observations of my weight and girth at least).

I’ll check in with how I’m going tonight.

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