Doctor’s log, day one

by Joe Archive on May 5, 2012

I successfully defended my thesis yesterday – although I guess I do not really get my degree until commencement in a couple of weeks, I am going to start this now…

My thesis defense went really smoothly, all things considered. The night before, Zhiming gave me a bit of a scare by telling me that my slides needed a lot of polishing and I needed a lot more practice. It turned out, when I saw him in the morning he told me that he was just trying make sure I practiced a bit more. *sneaky, I may have to use that myself if I ever have students of my own in the future. Future student, forget you read that.*

Then, I decided realized that didn’t have my Mac video dongle (one of my personal theories is that Apple’s entire profit stems from requiring a brand new, different one of these for each model of MacBook), so I had to dash back to my office (from Lyman to the museum building) to pick it up (it’s not mine, in truth, it belongs to the EPS department – I borrowed it to practice my talk for Jacksonville a few weeks ago and “forgot” to take it back – I will take it back to Maryorie on Monday, honest). At least that gave me a chance to pick up a bottle of water for the talk from Buckminister’s on the way back.

*one more thing, I think*

One third of my committee is at CERN for the semester – so John had to Skype in – that was pretty easy, and the regular drop outs of the connection gave me a good excuse for loosing my train of thought, so I think it was a net positive.

Even though the Skype video meant John couldn’t see my slides.

*Even though the PDF of my slides I sent John from my dropbox had a font issue of some sort.

*Even though the ppt file I put on Dropbox somehow needed a password, so John couldn’t get it.

*Even though the version John eventually got had my notes plainly visible (I don’t think there was anything embarrassing there, and John promised not to look at them anyway).

Other than that (and only getting through about half my slides before it was decided that we had run long enough) the whole thing was pretty easy, and surprisingly, fun.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – getting to talk for about 90 mins on stuff I know really well, and I am actually quite proud of, probably ought to be fun.

Anyway, I passed. That’s really all that matters.

I did not do any work for the rest of the day – I am quite certain I couldn’t have achieved anything anyway. Same with today.

There will be plenty to do on Monday – between GSAS paperwork, cleaning up a couple of typos I’ve spotted in my thesis and turning the bits that aren’t yet papers into publications (I want to get at least one more out before I move on).

Also, I realized last night that I’m now more qualified that Howard Wolowitz.

A) Where’s my space-station trip, fictional NASA?
B) watch out Cooper, you’re next;
C) no one in my followers/friends list went “who?” when I tweeted that.

*image caption: not anymore – the intake of 2001 physics grad students is finally done. Also, I used to have so much hair.*


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