Doctors’s log. Day 6

by Joe Archive on May 9, 2012

After a couple of extra days off, I’ve been back at work today – there were a couple of things that needed fixing in my thesis – a typo here and there in my equations and I had to move the figures into the body of each chapter – I couldn’t just keep them at the end of each chapter like I prefer. It’s surprising how long that takes. And it takes even longer if:

  1. The automatic figure numbering in word goes screwy because you want to use letters in the appendices
  2. The equations in the captions go screwy every time I refresh the fields in the list of figures – they change random things to bold and a lot of the markup vanishes, so things like 15^o ends up looking like 15o

But, at least my thesis is pretty close to matching the style guide… I ought to be able to submitting as soon as I get the last bit of paperwork from physics.

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