Joseph Andersen


Contact details + 1 (857) 234 1285

Qualifications PhD Candidate, Harvard University;

Master of Science (Physics),

Harvard University, 2004;

Bachelor of Science, (Hons) in Physics

University of Queensland (1999)


Research Experience

2005 – Present: Research Assistant

Interactions between Tropical Convection

and Large-scale flow

  • Construction and analysis of a simple model of equatorial convectively coupled waves to explore the basic mechanisms of convection that determine the convective wave structure.
  • Production and analysis of high resolution simulations of convection and tropical waves using SAM, WRF, and SP-CAM.
  • Analysis of Energy sources, sinks and flows in the Madden-Julian Oscilation.
  • University Medal, UQ, 2000
Referees Assistant Professor Z. Kuang

Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences,

Harvard University

20 Oxford St

Cambridge, MA 02138


Ph +1 617 495 2354

Fax: +1 617 495 7660








Andersen, Friese, Truscott, Ficek, Drummond, Heckenberg and Rubinsztein-Dunlop. Light guiding light: Nonlinear refraction in rubidium vapour. Phys Rev A, 63 023820 (2001)

Andersen and Kuang. A Toy Model of the Instability in the Equatorially Trapped Convectively Coupled Waves on the Equatorial Beta Plane. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 65 (12), 3736-3757 (2008)

Andersen and Kuang. The MSE Budget of MJO-like disturbances observed in a zonally symmetric aquaplanet with SP-CAM, J. Clim. (2011, In revisions)


Presentations I am a native English speaker, with no fluency difficulties. You can see two examples of scientific presentations I have given at the following urls:


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